The Theatresports Youth Programme runs in conjunction with High Schools throughout Auckland supplying challenging, interesting, whole brain and physical  learning experiences to teenagers and younger adults. 

Our tutors are allocated to partner organisations.  They work alongside Teachers and Senior Students to implement programmes that teaches the art of improvisation.  We also run events, workshops and shows which groups and individuals can participate in.

​Our commitment to this programme is to help younger adults develop valuable life skills while experiencing a strong link to the arts, having fun and meeting new friends from neighboring high schools.  The skills learnt are highly regarded and valuable in any work place or for further learning.  Quick and positive thinking, creativity, team work and problem solving are absorbed through dramatic and comedic improv technique.

Email Telisa, our Administration and Communications Manager to find out more information.

“I want to thank you for the work you do with the Theatresports Youth Programme. The confidence you give to children who would otherwise sit quietly in the corner and try not to be noticed.  My son is now a confident, happy adult. Busy with a full time job, training new apprentices in his profession. He walks up to strangers and introduces himself and can communicate at all levels. At only 24 he has bought a house has his own car, a company car and a lovely girlfriend. So thank you, I truly believe you gave my son the opportunity to grow into the happy adult he is now.” – A Parent’s Testimonial


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