The Theatresports™ Youth Programme (TYP) is an Auckland wide programme that creates opportunities for students to participate in performance theatre. Theatresports is a style of improvisation where teams of actors improvise scenes, songs and poems competing for points. In the Theatresports Youth Programme the emphasis is expanded from straight competition to highlight the importance of story telling, characterisation and teamwork.

The relationship between the programme and schools has been developed over many years as the most efficient way of providing access to the program for the greatest number of students. Throughout the year long programme a variety of events take place aimed at different participants.

The key objective of TYP is to provide access to anyone who wishes to participate in learning about and experiencing Theatresports at any level. The programme is designed in such a way as to offer a variety of events throughout the year for all levels of experience and confidence.

This programme goes from strength to strength because, amongst other things, it allows all those who participate to choose how and at what level they do so, provides for regular inter-school and inter-regional activity, provides on-going training.

Some well known graduates from the Theatresports Youth Programme include: Creative Director Penny Ashton, Outrageous Fortune Star Wesley Dowdell, Fleur Saville, Dean O’Gorman, Madeleine Sami and Oliver Driver.

Contact Telisa Wood our Administration and Communications Manager on to find out more about the programme.

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