The Theatresports™ Youth Programme (TYP) is an extracurricular school activity offered in High Schools Auckland-wide.  Theatresports is a form of theatre where teams of students create stories, songs, poems, dances on the spot using their own creativity and collective genius.  The emphasis is on positive storytelling, teamwork and having loads of fun.  TYP nurtures co-operation amongst the different schools who are brought together to present a hilarious performance of Theatresports.  We send professional tutors into the school to teach and train, provide MC’s to oversee the performances and provide a strong administrative structure for the teacher to create a hassle-free Programme.  

Our goal is for the students to come away from TYP with confidence in their presentation skills and their ability to think and make positive choices on the spot, in the moment.  Some of our graduates from TYP include: Penny Ashton, Wesley Dowdell, Fleur Saville, Dean O’Gorman, Madeleine Sami and Oliver Driver.

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