Since 1987 ConArtists have had years of tailoring hilarious entertainment for any Corporate event. Contact us today and sit back and let our Creative Directors take care of everything. Here are just a few of our shows on offer:


What Cigar Mob

Married to the Mob

One of our most popular shows. The Linguini Family is desperate for their eldest grandchild, to get married. The only problem is every time they get to the alter, the fiance’ gets whacked.

By the end of the night some lucky person will say, “I do”. Capiche?

Dress up in your Mafia best, prizes awarded. Tony, the wedding singer, is an additional entertainment option.

”We are so thankful to you guys for putting on an amazing show for our guests! Everyone had a call of a night” Tracey McIntosh

Comedy on Stage

This show is 45-60 minutes and comprises a mixture of skits, songs, poems and interactive games, all totally improvised. 2-3 professional actors use suggestions from the audience together with information obtained in advance about the group attending the function, their business and some of its ‘personalities’. This show needs no special staging so can be performed anywhere – however for larger venues and audiences, microphones are required.

”Thank you for a great evening. Everybody who was there thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I have to say that many a person was laughing so hard that the tears were flowing.”  Richard Harris, Aventine

Comedy with Character

This runs throughout the evening lasting approximately 2 hours. Our 2 actors, as characters of your choice, meet and greet guests as they arrive, mingle while they enjoy drinks and then help seat them for dinner. During the meal they conduct a little table fun and then conclude the evening with a 20-minute show as described above.

“Thank you so much for Friday night! You were both hilarious – everyone was in fits of laughter!!! I’ll be passing your details and business cards around – lots of people were asking about your company.” Oyster Group


Calling all Dancing Queens and Disco Kings for our 70’s styled show. If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down . . . take a chance on a show that celebrates all things ABBA.

Our Chiquititas will give you, give you, give you an hilarious time. Your colleagues will be thanking you for the music as the winner takes it all.

We can replace ABBA with any band or decade of your choice for hardly any money, money, money.

Yo ho ho

YO-HO-HO and a Bottle of Fun

Why did the Pirate carry a bar of soap….. so when he got swept overboard he

could wash himself ashore!  Arrrrrr.  Channel your inner Pirate with this Swashbuckling show which sees

Santa being kidnapped and Christmas hijacked by The Pirate Queen and King.  Take part in the Best Booty or Treasure Chest Competition, write your own seas shanty and wear an eye-patch just because you can.

A Brand new show all ready to set sail and have you Ho-Ho-Ho ing like you’ve drunk a barrel of rum.  The Santa element can be easily removed so the show can be enjoyed year round.

Dinner at Horror ManorLori & Robert

Skeletons are falling out of closets everywhere at Horror Manor. . .

Its been 7 years since Lord and Lady Bloodstain’s daughter mysteriously disappeared and everyone has gathered for the reading of the will. Who gets the fortune, who gets the ghost chips and why is one of your own in an old portrait on the wall? Revelations and plot twists wilder than a tornado are on the menu for this hilarious night of horror.

ConArtists have joined up with First Scene to offer a great costume deal and a fabulous room dressing option. Join us at Horror Manor for your conference or company dinner. There’s nothing like paralysing fear to unite a group. . . WE DARE YOU!


Klue-Do LiveCon_Artists_0293

You are cordially invited to play your part in our Klu-do Live! evening. This show is a combination of scripted scenes and “fly by the seat of your pants” improvisation. It promises a great might of laughs.

The occasion is the annual party that all the village attends, no matter what class or position distinction they hold. But the guests become trapped on Manor Island when the only bridge is swept away. When the murders start occurring, the guests begin their own investigation. Characters are grilled and clues are pooled as the tables work to find the solution and motive to these heinous crimes.