We’ve all been to lots of training, both specific and general, and let’s face it, there’s nothing new under the sun…. Until now.

Combining high energy techniques for training actors, and adding business nous is something really new. This will be tailored for your needs and wrapped in a comedy blanket.  Some times it’s a scratchy wool one and sometimes it’s a downey, snugly covering but always fun.  Most teams don’t even realise they’re learning because they’re having such a good time but the outcomes are real.

We can look at team building from a couple of hours, to re-invigorate teams, to whole days of working together to solve problems or create new and relevant ideas for the workplace.

Communication Training is based on whole brain engagement and asks individuals to monitor their skills, giving a simple map to do so.  Call us for a chat to introduce your company culture to us and our skilled Creative Directors will tailor to your requirements.