30 years of improv hilarity at Garnet Station

Theatresports (now known as ConArtists) is 30 years old and we’re bringing back some of the bright lights to fly by the seat of their pants.

They’ll be creating stories of comic genius right before your very eyes.

Thirty years ago the average house price was $65,000.00, Footloose came out, Trump Tower was finished,

Microsoft Word was released and Theatresports was set loose around NZ to thunderous applause.

People were shouting out suggestions, running up onto the stage and being pelted with Minties.

In New Zealand’s  smallest new theatre actors will be falling over themselves on the miniscule stage to create spontaneous laughter.

Book online to ensure you’re a part of our tiny audience.  https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2017/tiny-theatre-big-laughs/auckland/westmere
Tickets – $20 online or $25 at the door
Or book the Theatre/Meal Deal for $45.  One pizza, beer or wine & show.  Eat before or after the show.
Comedy has never been so cheap!


Tiny Theatre big laughs V06

Theatreview review

BIG LAUGHS Tiny Theatre

at Garnet Station Café, 85 Garnet Rd, Westmere, Auckland
Until 28 Jul 2017

Reviewed by Candice Lewis, 8 Jul 2017

Theatresports improvisation was really popular in the late 1990s. My mum loved Whose Line is it Anyway? and I was vaguely in love with the idea of Ryan Stiles. The young friend I have with me hasn’t even heard of Theatresports and is worried I’m taking him to something to do with sport. No fear – not a rugby jersey in sight.

The atmosphere is charged and the Tiny Theatre is packed. Lori Dungey is MC for the night and she is as outgoing, cute and funny as you could hope for. She asks a few people to write down a line of dialogue for later in the show and my friend spends awhile considering what to write.

Audience participation is required and it’s a great opportunity to shout ‘die’ in a context that won’t get you arrested. The troupe manages a very small space incredibly well and manage to turn even the most mundane story line into something hilarious.

ConArtists line up tonight consists of Lori Dungey, Clare Kelso, Robert Mignault, Simon Cameron and Scott Sinclair. Each of these actors gives themselves fully to the one hour show and I am laughing constantly.

Clare Kelso has the driest delivery and amazing comic timing; she walks in to her friend’s shed to find her own husband (Simon Cameron) hanging from the ceiling rafter by bound wrists. Her friend (Lori Dungey) is surprised to find her friend’s husband in her shed and the more ludicrous it gets, the more we love it. Since Cameron is hanging in the shed, Kelso can’t let a comment about his being well-hung pass by. Groan if you will, it was funny at the time.

During one section, Robert Mignault poses as a German Director of a film and nails the arrogant intellectualised delivery with ease.  He is being interviewed by Kelso about his latest film. They ask the audience for the name of the film and I yell out “Backwards on the Landing”. They run with it – and Scott Sinclair must now interpret the interview for us physically. Kelso has no mercy as Sinclair continues to keep up with the interpretation: she keeps repeating “Backwards on the Landing”. Unfortunately he chooses an exhausting interpretation, but it’s fortunate for us as the result has me almost crying with laughter.

There are the clever, charming and witty aspects, but sometimes an awkward moment makes it all the funnier. Having earlier resorted to a goose step when representing a German person, Sinclair sheepishly apologises when one of the audience members turns out to be German. It’s been a long time since Basil Fawlty didn’t mention the war, but the legacy of that Fawtly Towers episode lives on.

My favourite part is when they have to pick up a line of dialogue from a piece of paper on the floor. When my friend’s line is spoken I immediately know it’s his. “Why do you have dental floss tied around your nipples?” may not sound funny now, but in the right context it’s gold.

The show ends with a silly song that ends up being incredibly beautiful – they all harmonise and it’s magic.

It is a brilliant night out and I laughed so much that I got a bit hysterical. ConArtists are experienced, funny and willing to connect with the audience in a way that feels warm and community spirited. I’m looking forward to taking my mum.