Travel Managers Group – May 2017

We had a fantastic time – Jackie was absolutely perfect for our crowd. Probably the best MC we’ve ever had in fact!

Columbus Coffee – April 2017

Robert you were superb as an MC – a lovely balance of humour, momentum and absolute professionalism. We had a number of franchisees and support team say it was the best conference yet! Thanks so much for being part of a very successful conference.

Kingston Partners Limited – December 2016

We all enjoyed the evening immensely. Must say the actors were amazing and I’m still in love with “Maria”, even though I got whacked before marrying her!

Titanium through TOL – December 2016

OMG It was great, Lori & Robert did an amazing job! I have had so many people tell me it was one of the fun-est Christmas parties ever! Everyone had a really great time! It was brilliant how it got everyone involved and interacting with each other, it was Superb! Thank you all so much!!!!!!!

AECOM – December 2016

It was an awesome evening and you guys entertained us so well!!

TOL – December 2016

Everyone raved about it and thanked us for a wonderful evening.

Mariposa Brands Ltd – October 2016

Thank you so much for your time at the Conference on Monday, you were a fantastic fit and everyone walked away from the conference totally buzzing which was great to see.

TOL – September 2016

Thanks so much for putting on such a great evening’s entertainment. They all had a great time.

Estee Lauder – September 2016

Wow – It was an amazing night! Your team were so engaging, interactive, fun and truly gave a great experience.  Our ladies loved it and they really stepped up with their costumes!  

Franchise Association – August 2016

The conference went brilliantly and Robert (Beau Stetson Cowboy) was awesome.  Having worked with ConArtists for many years in previous roles I was confident that you would once again do a great job, however as I was new to this organisation I was not confident of my audience so was somewhat nervous that we could Read More

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